Bausele - Background story

Christophe Hoppe - Founder of Bausele at Flinders University in Adelaide - South Australia. 

With a key focus on craftsmanship with an unmistakable and unique design aesthetic, BAUSELE is the first ever Swiss made Australian designed watch brand. BAUSELE, short for Beyond Australian Elements originated from designer and founder Christophe Hoppe’s passion for watches and love of Australia. BAUSELE offers a premium range of high quality, innovative Australian inspired timepieces, made for watch lovers and style enthusiasts to discover their passion.

Creative Director and Owner, Christophe Hoppe developed the Bausele brand after years spent working with some of the world leading brands. His desire for Bausele was to showcase his design expertise and fulfil a lifelong passion for watchmaking which came to life when he launched the brand in 2011.

“The BAUSELE brand combines two of my biggest passions in life – watchmaking and Australia. I am very proud to have created Australia’s first Swiss made watch brand which offers the quality expected of a Swiss made timepiece with design aesthetic inspired by the raw, natural energy of the Australian landscape. The essence of BAUSELE is about discovery; our timepieces are made to withstand Australian landscape whilst looking stylish whatever the occasion” Christophe Hoppe.

Bausele is inherently Australian. Each Timepiece holds actual unique elements of Australia in the signature crown, including red earth from the Australian outback, sand from one of Australia's beautiful beaches and opal extracted from deep inside the earth. Channeling the adventurous Australian lifestyle the timepieces are made of the highest quality materials designed to take the wearer through anything life throws at them.

Innovation is at the core of the Bausele brand. Through an influential and ambitious joint venture with Flinders University called Australian Advance Manufacturing Pty Ltd which aims to produce materials for both Bausele and other companies who wish to manufacture on shore in Australia. In collaboration with Flinders University through the joint venture Bausele have invented an new featherweight and durable material, Bauselite. This innovative nano-technology provides increased strength and enables accurate modelling - limiting shrinkage compared to common ceramic material. Its design is also environmentally friendly helping to preserve the beautiful Australian landscape whilst being locally manufactured supporting industry and development in South Australia, testament to Bausele's commitment to its Australian homeland.


Dominic Purcell - Global brand ambassador

Dominic Purcell - Bausele global brand ambassador. 

Bausele Australia is excited to announce its partnership with Australian actor Dominic Purcell. Dominic loves the Australian lifestyle and embodies the Australian spirit that is the inspiration behind the Bausele brand.

Bausele’s Founder and Creative Director Christophe Hoppe comments:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Hollywood Actor Dominic Purcell to the Bausele family; he is ideal fit for the brand, down to earth whilst being a leader in his field and obviously, he’s Australian, just like Bausele. The new ambassadorship is exciting moment as the brand rapidly grows and enters news markets all over the world”.

On his new ambassadorship, Dominic Purcell comments:

“When I discovered the brand I was first drawn to its Australian heartbeat and as a watch fan I like the reliability offered because the brand is Swiss made. There’s no denying that Bausele watches are stylish, unique and different from other brands.  When I wear the Terra Australis I find its eye catching but not flashy,  which is perfect for the way I dress and my lifestyle” .

Dominic’s very early years were spent in Sydney’s Bondi and Tamarama, where he cultivated his love of the beach and surfing.   As a teenager he had to move away from the sea to the Blue Mountains and this began his lifelong quest to always live by the ocean.  After finishing school Dominic became a landscape gardener until one day he found an acting class in the newspaper and jumped on a train into the city.  He studied acting at ATYP (Australian Theatre for young People) and worked behind the scenes at the Sydney Opera House until he was accepted at the Western Australian Academy of Performing arts alongside classmate Hugh Jackman, who remains a good friend.

Dominic has become a very successful international actor working extensively in both the USA and Australia and will be a Bausele ambassador globally.

BAUSELE Australia Announce Partnership With the Australian Army Intelligence Corps

The Army Intelligence Corps agents are wearing Bausele. 

Bausele Australia is honoured to announce its new partnership with the Australian Army Intelligence Corps on a limited edition series of 50 timepieces.

The Australian Army Intelligence Corps provides intelligence support and analysis to commanders and staff at every level of command that ensures their situational awareness and decision advantage. Australian Army Intelligence Corps personnel are behind the scenes, analysing the situation and providing advice to influence the shape of operations while being prepared to get out on the ground and be involved.

Each limited edition ChronoS series features an Australian Army Intelligence Corps badge on the back, and a customised dial that incorporates a Tudor Rose, a symbol synonymous with intelligence, and the Corps colours of green, scarlet and black. The unique timepieces have incorporated sand from Canungra, QLD the homeland of the Australian Army Intelligence Corps in the crown, a signature design element to Bausele timepieces.

The sophisticated elegance of Bausele, which is Australian made and owned, embodies the pride and nationalism of the Australian Intelligence Corps with a cutting edge design and durable finish. The ChronoS timepiece becomes the perfect companion in any situation with features including a countdown indicator, chronograph timer, 200m waterproof and resistance and Superlominova on the 2-layered dial for optimum clarity.

In choosing Bausele to design the limited edition series, Sergeant M said: “timeliness and accuracy are vital to us, and what better way to embrace that than through a unique timepiece. The Australian made, designed and owned Bausele is a perfect way to link our timepiece to the country in which we serve. The subtlety and elegance of the Bausele design is in perfect harmony with the Australian Intelligence Corps and the members within”.

There will be just 50 of the Australian Army Intelligence Corps limited edition timepieces available exclusively to Australian Intelligence Corps personnel.

This collaboration is part of Bausele’s bespoke program and our ongoing commitment to collaborating with Australian brand and companies. As well as our main watch collection Bausele develops unique bespoke and limited edition timepieces for any company or group bearing signature colours and symbols.

Bausele Joint Venture with Flinders Centre for Nanoscale Science & Technology in Adelaide

Bausele Australia is passionate about excellence and quality. This is epitomised in our partnership with the Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology in Adelaide, South Australia with whom Bausele Australia have developed a one of a kind proprietary ceramic compound material that is uniquely lightweight and high strength ceramic.

Christophe Hoppe - Founder of Bausele - with the team at Flinders University in Adelaide - South Australia.