Habitat Sanctuaries

Habitat Sanctuaries is a non for profit environmental conservation organisation which protects endangered species (such as the Koala) from extinction, through habitat replanting, food, tree and vegetation planting. Habitat Sanctuaries purchase land to create Sanctuaries that are free from political footballing and real carbon capture or sequester. Habitat Sanctuaries mission is simple: to protect native and endangered wildlife and preserve biodiversity through the purchase of land as habitat sanctuaries. 

Currently the social enterprise has achieved:

17,000 trees seeded

17,000 animals in their care

411 secured hectares in NSW

History of Habitat Sanctuaries 

The people who make up Habitat Sanctuaries are passionate about conserving wildlife and this passion stemmed when they realised national parks are declining rapidly in number and size and that gas fracking, mining and development will continue to reduce protected habitat for endangered species- so in 2011 Habitat Sanctuaries decided to create more, protect more and through sanctuaries creations for long term protection of Koalas and other native wildlife. In the process reversing the impact of climate change.


1 billion tree planting campaign. 

Bausele is planting 19,300 trees over two years which equates to 26.4 trees per day. The 1 billion tree campaign - yes that’s right, Habitat Sanctuaries are balancing the scales back in favour of the environment and away from climate change by committing to buy, seed and plant 1 billion trees, that’s only 40 x trees for each Aussie. The goal is to plant 1 billion trees in 10 years. Each tree is a food and habitat tree for a Koala and or native animal...join Habitat Sanctuaries In providing sanctuary lands / get your workplace involved.

Businesses that are eco minded and have an eco heart can get involved and show your customers that you care. Habitat Sanctuaries can assure business involved get a outstanding social story and their customers love helping them offset their CO2 footprint passively by doing what they do best "their business."

As part of the 1 billion trees campaign, Habitat Sanctuaries are creating a children’s book series at Habitat. In the book series the koala is a superhero that solves environmental problems for other animals (like water pollution for the platypus) as “Super Blue” with his human friends (kids).


Koala Nose Day

A special event took place on the 28th of June. Koala Nose Day aims to raise money to help the conservation of endangered wildlife. Each mask purchased puts you in the draw for an electric bike or free coffee for a year. Proceeds go to planting Koala Food Trees and Buying more protected Sanctuary lands that provide safety, security and a chance for our endangered and unique wildlife. 


Coffee for a Cause Campaign

Habitat Sanctuaries premium blends of coffee have been selected using organic and fair-trade practices throughout the entire supply chain and are also Rainforest alliance certified for your peace of mind. Habitat Sanctuaries Roasting Partner is Byron Bay Coffee Company who bring a quality bean roasting experience for the most fussy of coffee lovers. Partnering with Coffee for a Cause your morning coffee now plants trees for endangered Koalas. Each kilogram of Coffee we sell proceeds go to planting trees.

Another bonus is it offsets your carbon footprint by 400kg of CO2 per tree per year for the life of the tree (37 yrs plus) and is a food tree / habitat tree for a Koala. Go to the Habitat Sanctuaries store, add to your cart and become a regular of a brew that starts your day like no other coffee can.

Habitat Sanctuaries office is currently situated upstairs from Bausele’s boutique at Level 2 at 75 George St The Rocks NSW 2000 Australia. Feel free to come and visit! We are open 9-5pm weekdays and 10-4pm Saturdays.

Or Contact Habitat Sanctuaries at: info@habitatsanctuaries.org 

Follow Habitat Sanctuaries CEO Matt Manson on LinkedIn: 





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