Not just any ‘style’ watch: The new Bausele Noosa

Bausele Australia’s first truly feminine design transcends cookie-cutter ‘style’ watches with unique presence
True style is about standing out from the crowd, not blending in.
The new Noosa watch - from the Australian watch company, Bausele - transcends the cookie-cutter designs of so-called ‘style’ watches with elegant looks and striking presence that is utterly unique in a watch at this price point.
The Noosa range features Bausele’s first truly feminine design – the beautiful, white ‘Moonlight’ model – alongside elegantly unisex variations.
Measuring 40 millimetres in diameter, the Noosa has genuine wrist presence and eye-catching looks. With no visible lugs connecting the watch to its leather strap, the Noosa appears to float on the wearer’s wrist, accentuating the fascinating curvature of the sapphire crystal dome.