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Own military aviation history in this precision watch and limited-edition keyring made from the first F/A-18A Hornet fighter jet made and flown in Australia 

Featuring sand from RAAF Base Point Cook in the crown, the Aviator Mark II is styled on the later generations of military navigator watches. The luminous triangle and short hour hand were originally introduced for clarity when navigating by the stars. 

RAAF Base Point Cook is the birthplace of military aviation in Australia.  The first flight took off in 1914 when the newly formed Central Flying School had two officers, two biplanes and a Bristol Box-kite. During WWI the Australian Flying Corps was established and many of its pilots saw active duty overseas. 

In 1921 the world’s second professional air force was created at Point Cook with the formation of the RAAF. Training was centred here from the outbreak of WWII until the 1990s. The base also features in the development of civil aviation and Kingsford-Smith took the Southern Cross up over the waters of Port Philip at the start of his non-stop continental crossing. 

The first 200 collectors will receive a keyring made from F/A-18A Hornet aircraft number A21-01. With a ceiling over 45,000 feet and speeds up to Mach 1.8, a piece of this legendary fighter jet could be yours  

Bausele Founder, Christo Hoppe, designed this Swiss made automatic watch and keyring in collaboration with the Air Force Centenary team to celebrate the RAAF: Now. Then. Always. 

By purchasing this product you are supporting the restoration and preservation of historic RAAF aircraft

If you are interested in straps that will fit The Aviator, click here 

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