Max Purcell

In early 2021 Max Purcell reached out to Bausele through Instagram complimenting us on our watches. A few weeks later he messaged us again and we took a look through his Instagram to find that he was a young Australian making time to chase his dreams. The perfect fit for Bausele. We talked more and decided to bring him on as an ambassador. Max and our CEO Arron Coote got to talking. They hit it off and discovered the many similarities in their different one on one sports. Max a professional tennis player and Arron a competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Max taught Arron how to watch his matches around the world and before long Arron found himself setting his alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to watch Max play wherever he was in the world on the ATP challenger circuit. They developed a habit of talking before and after each match and eventually were in regular contact and a solid friendship had formed.

After about a year or so Max sent Arron a message saying “I need a copy of your passport” to which Arron replied “of course I trust you, but what for?” to which Max said “I have parted ways with my coach and I am getting you accredited as my coach for Wimbledon”. Arron laughed and said “you do know that I know nothing about tennis right?” which was Max’s turn to laugh and said “I’ve got that side covered. We are going to do really well together!”. That’s how Arron became the Ted Lasso of Tennis.

To cut an amazing long three week story short, Max and his doubles partner Matt Ebden (and Arron as #coachcootie) went on to become the Wimbledon Men’s Doubles Champions 2022. They broke two records in the process in some very long, drawn out, hard fought battles; the most 5 sets played by a winning pair in the history of Wimbledon and the most match points defended by a winning pair at Wimbledon. Max also qualified for the main event in singles for the first time at Wimbledon. It was a crazy ride for all involved that will never be forgotten.

At the end of 2022 Max and Arron were sitting together at the US Open, waiting around for Max to play. They had a long discussion about what 2023 held for Max’s career. Max set himself a goal to be top 100 in singles by Wimbledon 2023, which starts on July 3rd. At the time of setting this goal, Max’s world ranking was 236. They talked about what he would need to achieve that goal then Max set about chasing that goal. On Sunday March 5th 2023 Max won his third ATP Challenger in a row in India to move to number 95 in the world. Winning one ATP Challenger is hard enough, winning three in a row is nothing short of extraordinary. Achieving your goal seventeen weeks ahead of schedule is also pretty special.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Maker of Time. Good luck Max! Let’s do this!