Bausele has been worn and (continues to be worn) by actors, professional athletes, style influencers, playwrights, air force personnel, CEOs, deep-divers, adventurers, artists, videographers, surfers, tennis players, sports car drivers, pilots, models etc. The main thing these extraordinary people have in common? They embody what it means to push yourself out of your comfort zone and look good while doing it! Scroll below and let us know if you recognise some familiar faces!

Pictured from left to right.

1st row:1.Dominic Purcell, Australian Actor and Bausele Ambassador best known for his role in hit show Prison Break. He is wearing a Vintage 2.0 GT hybrid smartwatch- the most popular model. 2. Christo Hoppe, Bausele Founder (pink shirt) next to Mel Hupfeld, The Chief of The Australian Air Force holding pieces of the F/A-18RAAF plane put into the Aviator Bausele watches (one on The RAAF Chief's wrist). 3.Cassiel Rousseau, World Aquatics Diving Athlete of the Year for 2023. Wearing the Endless Sunrise Ivory Pearl.

2nd row 1.Bryant Professional Boxer wearing the Red Pilot Automatic. 2.Jena Ohea, professional Australian basketball player, wearing the original ChronoS red model. Eclair Piya, Sydney-based influencer and model wearing the Scott Marsh Limited Edition. 3.Francisco Lindor, professional baseball shortstop is wearing the White Cockatoo Pilot and Christopher Anthony, profesional racecar driver, wearing an original ChronoS model.

3rd row 1.Beloved Australian actor, Steven Peacocke wearing an original ChronoS model. 2.David Williamson famous playwright wearing an Oceanmoon II. 3.Andrew Bogut, ex-pro basketballer wearing an original black ChronoS.

Ryan Hipwood pro Australian Surfer YouTube Video Below