Frequently Asked Questions

Deliver and shipping

Q. What countries do you ship to?

A. We ship all over the world, except Russia, Pakistan and India.

Q. What are the delivery methods and times?

A. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. As soon as your order has been despatched you will receive notification with your tracking number

DELIVERY WITHIN USA: We ship with UPS and the delivery time is usually 3 – 5 business days (excluding public holidays)

DELIVERY OUTSIDE USA: We ship to all countries worldwide using UPS Express which is a fully tracked door to door service. Delivery times are usually within 7 business days (excluding public holidays).

Q. Is delivery free?

A. International delivery is offered from $80 of purchase. For a product in stock, the delivery time varies between 3 to 5 days.

Q. Do I have to pay duties and taxes upon delivery of my order?

A. In Australia and in the United States of America, taxes and customs fees are included in the price of your order.

Outside, taxes and customs fees are not included. You may be subject to local duty/import taxes, if they apply. These taxes will be claimed on behalf of local customs by our DHL carrier prior to delivery. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise you of the amount of these charges in advance and advise you to contact the duty services in your country to obtain an estimated duty amount and the base rate of VAT. If the taxes and customs fees are not paid, your order will be returned to us.

Q. How can I track my package?

A. Once your order has been shipped, you will be provided with a tracking number which will be communicated by email.

Q. What if I change my delivery address?

A. If you wish to modify the delivery address you provided when you placed your order, contact us directly from our contact page or by phone at +61 466 551 509.

Q. What should I do if I have a delivery problem?

A. For any delivery problem with your order, please contact us directly from our contact page or by phone at +61 466 551 509. We will make the necessary arrangements with the carrier and will do everything possible to ensure that your package arrives correctly at its destination.

Returns and Exchange

Q. Can I return items purchased from the Bausele Online Boutique?

A. Absolutely. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. You may return merchandise purchased from our Online Boutique as long as the following 5 criteria are met:

It has been less than 14 days from receipt of your shipment

The item(s) must be in new or unused condition

The item(s) have not been personalized (engraved)

You include the original receipt and packaging with your return

To initiate a return, please call Bausele +61466551509 to request a return authorization number or use the contact form.

Q. How soon will I receive a refund after I have returned my item(s)?

A. Most refunds are fully processed within 3-5 business days once we receive, inspect, and process your returned merchandise.


Q. What does the warranty cover?

A. Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects occurring during normal use, as described in the following conditions. We will replace free of charge any defective components due to a manufacturing error found by our workshop.

Please note that the warranty is not applicable in the following cases:

1. Theft, loss.

2. Wear and tear and normal aging of the watch (scratched glass, impact on the case...)

3. All types of damage to the entire watch (or part of it) resulting from improper handling or use, lack of maintenance, negligence, accident (drop, scratch, crush, broken glass, etc.), improper use of the watch or failure to follow the instructions provided by Bausele.

All types of damage indirectly related or consequential to normal wear and tear of the watch, such as non-functioning, defects or inaccuracies of the Bausele watch.

Straps and accessories: 

With regard to bracelets and accessories, our warranty covers all manufacturing defects that appear during normal use, as described in the following conditions. We will replace (free of charge) a defective item due to a manufacturing error noticed by our workshop (aesthetic defect, stitching, damaged leather, scratched buckle...)

Please note that the warranty is not applicable in the following cases:

1. Theft, loss.

2. Wear and tear and normal aging of the article (discoloration of the leather, etc...)

3. All types of damage resulting from improper handling or use, negligence, accident (scratches, etc.), improper use of the item.

Q. How long is the warranty valid?

A. The Bausele warranty is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of order.

Product Information

Q. When you say a timepiece is “38 mm” or “44 mm,” what exactly does that mean?

A. Our watch cases come in sizes ranging from 38 mm to 46 mm in diameter. It is the size of the watch case, crown excluded.

To convert inches to millimeters: Multiply inches by 25.4

To convert millimeters to inches: Divide millimeters by 25.4


Q. Where can I have my timepiece inspected or repaired?

A. We invite you to call Bausele toll-free at +61466551509. An advisor will be pleased to guide you through the steps to send your timepiece for servicing. Alternatively, you may visit any Authorised retailer. Please remember to bring the proof of purchase to include with your service request.

Q. How do I register my timepiece for a warranty?

A. Your timepiece is automatically covered under our international warranty for 5 years from the date of purchase. When requesting warranty service, we ask that you present the international guarantee card which accompanied your timepiece at the time of purchase. Apply for warranty here

Q. How often will my Bausele timepiece require servicing?

A. Just like the inner workings of a high-performance race car, the precise mechanisms in your timepiece require expert periodic maintenance in order to preserve their optimal performance. As a general rule, Maintenance Service is recommended on all timepieces approximately every 2 years or after a failed water resistance test. Quartz timepieces should be given a Complete Overhaul servicing approximately every 3-6 years. And mechanical or electro-mechanical timepieces should be given a full servicing approximately every 3-5 years.

Q. Does it matter where I have my Bausele timepiece serviced or repaired?

A. Bausele has official service center approved by Bausele to perform all warranty work.

Q. What does a Basic Service entail?

A. A Basic Service will include:

Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet

Calibration of the movement

A time keeping test

Replacement of case spring bars, back gaskets, crystal gaskets, crown gasket, and pusher gaskets, if applicable

A water resistance test

Q. What does a Complete Overhaul entail?

A. A Complete Overhaul will include:

Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet

Disassembly and thorough cleaning of the entire movement

Correction of all problems 

Replacement of necessary movement parts, oiling, calibration, and reassembly 

Replacement of case spring bars, back gaskets, crystal gaskets, crown gasket, and pusher gaskets, if applicable

A water resistance test

Placing Your Order

Q. Is there a reason to buy in-store instead of from your Online Boutique?

A. We love to meet clients in our partner stores where we can get to know them personally and share stories and latest news about the brand. However, our Online Boutique also features our complete product assortment and provides a convenient and secure shopping experience. Either destination features our complete collection.

Q. Are all of the timepieces displayed in your Online Boutique currently in stock?

A. If a “Purchase” button appears under an item in our Online Boutique, that item is currently available for purchase. If an item happens to be out of stock, this will be indicated on the product page.

Q. The item I am looking for doesn’t appear on your website. What should I do?

A. The item may be temporarily out of stock. Please call Bausele at +61466551509. They will be happy to try and locate the item for you.

Q. Which payment methods do you accept online?

A. We currently accept credit cards and those debit cards which can be used as a credit card or are capable of making PIN-less transactions. We also have Zip pay, After pay and Bitcoin, plus other payment options listed as icons on the bottom of your screen. If you prefer, you may also arrange for payment via wire transfer by calling Bausele at +61466551509.

Q. Which credit cards do you accept online?

A. Bausele accepts the following credit cards for online purchases: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Debit cards may also be used as credit cards if the issuing bank offers that option. 

Q. What are your policies regarding the safety and security of my payment information?

A. We make every effort to protect your security. Please see the security section of our privacy policy for more details.

Q. Can I place an order over the phone?

A. You can reach Bausele by calling +61466551509. He or she will be happy to assist you with our online ordering process. Please note that payment will have to be completed online as we can't take payment over the phone. Alternatively, your Representative can point you to the nearest partner retail stores who will be able to help you with your purchase.

Q. Can I place an item on hold?

A. Sorry, no. We cannot place merchandise on hold. However, you may pay with a credit card, which would allow you to pay for the item in monthly payments, or with After pay or Zip pay (which don't charge interest).

Q. If I place multiple orders online, can you combine those orders into a single shipment?

A. Yes. Individual orders can be shipped together. Please notify us at so we can organise all of your orders to be shipped together as one. 

Q. How long will it take to receive my order confirmation?

A. Once you place your order, an order confirmation email will be sent to you within minutes. If you do not see your order confirmation email, please contact us on 1800 291 108 (within Australia) or by filling the form under "Contact us". You may also want to check your “spam” or “junk” folder for the confirmation email. If you chose 'pickup' at checkout, contact us if you have not heard any update about product being ready for collection, after 2 weeks from order date.  

Q. Is it possible to cancel my order once it has been placed?

A. There is a short interval where an order may be cancelled once it has been placed. To determine the status of your order, please have your order number available and call Bausele toll-free at +61466551509 or send us an email-

Q. Can I make changes to my order once I have received my order confirmation?

A. The payment method and shipping address may not be changed once you place your order. However, you may be able to make changes to other order details. To determine the status of your order and make any changes, please have your order number ready and call Bausele at +61466551509 or send us an email ("Contact us" in menu).

Q. How will Bausele update me about the status of my order?

A. We will send updates regarding the status of your order to the email address you provided when you created your account. These updates will include:

Order confirmation

Shipping confirmation

Q. Does your Online Boutique have purchase limits?

A. For the safety and security of our clients, we may contact purchasers to verify orders over a certain frequency or dollar amount.

Product Care

Q. How do I set my Bausele timepiece?

A. First, make sure your timepiece is perfectly dry. Then, carefully unscrew the crown by winding it toward the “6” and pressing slightly inward until the crown loosens and pops out a bit. On some timepieces, this first position is for winding.

For watches equipped with “quick date,” pull the crown out to the first position and wind the movement until you reach the proper date. (Note: Avoid using the “quick date” method to change the date on your timepiece between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. local time. Otherwise, you risk damaging the date advance mechanism.)

To change the time, carefully pull the crown out to the second (and last) position.

Once you have made the adjustments, push the crown back into place and, depending on the model, screw the crown back down to ensure proper water resistance.

Q. How can I ensure my timepiece’s water resistance?

A. After making any adjustments to your timepiece, push the crown back in and screw the crown down to ensure water resistance. Make sure the crown is secured properly before submerging your timepiece in water. (Note: Never depress the chronograph pushers while the watch is submerged.) To check the water resistance of your Bausele watch click here.

Q. How do I reset my timepiece’s power reserve?

A. When an automatic mechanical timepiece is not worn for a certain amount of time, the power reserve (42-48 hours depending on the model) is depleted and the timepiece will stop. To restart the timepiece, unscrew the crown and wind the movement by turning the crown 30-40 times. This will give your timepiece a sufficient power reserve to function normally.

Q. How do I set my timepiece with quick date?

A. To prevent damage to the date advance mechanism, avoid changing the date on your timepiece between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. local time.

Q. How long will my leather band last?

A. Bausele leather straps are made with the finest quality leather. Under normal conditions and use, a strap will last an average of 6 to 12 months depending on the conditions to which it is exposed. For instance, contact with water or any other liquid may result in premature wear. By avoiding such damage, and taking good care of it, your leather strap may last longer than average. For further care instructions click here

Q. Can strong magnetic fields affect my timepiece?

A. Magnetic fields, if especially strong, can adversely influence the movement of both quartz and mechanical timepieces. To prevent this from happening, avoid leaving timepieces near equipment that can create a strong magnetic field such as speakers, refrigerators, and mobile phones. These devices may affect the performance of your timepiece.

Adding or Removing Yourself From Our Email List

Q. I no longer wish to receive emails from Bausele that are not directly related to my orders. How can I remove myself from your email list?

A. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. To stop receiving emails unrelated to your orders, simply click on the "Unsubscribe from the list" button at the end of the last email you received. 

You will no longer receive promotional emails from Bausele.

Q. How can I add myself to Bausele’s email list?

A. Simply enter your email address in the link at the bottom of our homepage “Get news and updates”.




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