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The Australian Watch Company

BAUSELE stands for Beyond AUStralian ELEments

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There's a Bausele watch for everyone.


Bausele is the first Swiss made, Australian designed Watch Company known for leading design and reliable craftsmanship. Bausele stems from designer and founder Christophe Hoppe’s passion for watches and love for Australia. Each Bausele is unconditionally linked to its Australian heritage because of the signature hollow crown feature. Each timepiece holds actual unique elements of Australia, including Red Earth from the Outback, Sand from one of the beautiful beaches, or Opal from under this ancient land allowing the wearer to take a piece of Australia with them wherever life takes them. All Bausele timepieces come with the assurance of a 5 year warranty.

Short of making one out of Vegemite and putting it on the wrist of Hoges himself, you’ll have a hard time finding a watch more intrinsically Australian than this.
— Joe Cutcliffe, Man of Many
Like selling ice to Eskimos or oil to the Middle East, Christophe Hoppe stands at the cusp of realising an improbable dream – selling Australian-designed watches to the Swiss.
— Steve Colquhoun, Executive Style
An original design, allowing you to carry away your very own small part of Australia.
— Martin Foster, Europa Star
— Kirk Miller, InsideHook