50% OF ALL PROFITS FROM SALES between January 16th and 28th GO TO RURAL FIRE SERVICE (RFS)

Australian actor and RFS volunteer Aaron Jeffery & Bausele CEO Arron Coote.

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of our brand, Australian actor Aaron Jeffery, and Bausele's CEO Arron Coote got together on a smoky Sunday in Bungan Beach, NSW to discuss how they had both been impacted by the fire.
Aaron Jeffery, who is best known for his work as Chopper in Underbelly, his roles in Water Rats, Wentworth and McLeod's Daughters to name a few, is also a long time RFS volunteer fire fighter. He has just spent over a month fighting the fires around his hometown of Bilpin in NSW.  While our CEO Arron Coote is based in Los Angeles and has not been personally affected by the fires, his uncle, Rugby League legend Ron Coote and cousin both lost their houses and Arron's 75 year old aunt spent over an hour trying to swim across Lake Conjola to escape the flames. She could not see through the smoke but she could hear the engines of boats passing by "I was certainly glad he arrived, as i could not have lasted much longer" she said of the hero on a jet ski who eventually found her and rescued her. 

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Bausele's CEO, Arron Coote's Aunty survives the flames by jumping into the lake.

My family's story, while closer to my heart, is just one of thousands. Like too many Australians, the fires touched me personally.  When I think of my 75 year old Aunty swimming through the smoke for over an hour just trying to survive, it makes it very real for me.  I am not sure how I would have handled treading water for my life while breathing in thick smoke filled air and hoping someone would come to rescue me.

It is easy to see such horrendous footage on the television and compartmentalise it, like it is a movie or something unreal, but these images and stories of heroic wins and devastating loss are human survival at its most real. Talking to Aaron Jeffery about his experience over the last couple of months, gave a human perspective on the heroics of the volunteer fire fighters. We see them in their bright yellow uniforms fighting fires in scenes that look like Armageddon, and these people leave their families each day to go out and selflessly protect other people's lives and property.  I had not fully understood the emotional toll it would take on our volunteers after the inevitable exhaustion set in, but the battle had to continue. I had only ever thought of the dangers they faced. Aaron is one of thousands of volunteers who have all done Australia proud in this crazy time.

I am amazed, but not surprised, to see so many Australian's joining in to help each other. It is the Australian way.

As a brand, we have donated several watches to different auctions around the country, but to help further we will be donating 50% of all profits from sales between January 16th to January 28th to the RFS!"

To all our subscribers, thank you for your continued support. We would greatly appreciate if you would share this email with you family and friends to help us make a small difference.

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Arron Coote
CEO Bausele Watches Australia

This is an actual photo of Aaron Jeffery, Australian actor and RFS volunteer fire fighter spent over a month fighting fires around his hometown of Bilpin NSW

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