Bausele and the Australian Army Intelligence Corps Partnership

Bausele Australia is honoured to announce its new partnership with the Australian Army Intelligence Corps on a limited edition series of 50 timepieces.

The Australian Intelligence Corps provides intelligence support and analysis to commanders and staff at the every level of command that ensures their situational awareness and decision advantage. Australian Intelligence Corps personnel are behind the scenes, analysing the situation and providing advice to influence the shape of operations while being prepared to get out on the ground and be involved.

Modelled on the ChronoS series, each limited edition timepiece is numbered and features the Australian Intelligence Corps badge on the back, and a customised dial that incorporates a Tudor Rose; a symbol synonymous with intelligence, and the Corps colours of green, scarlet and black. The durable ChronoS collection is constructed using sapphire crystal and stainless steel to see the wearer through any challenge. The distinctive scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, and stainless steel body, combines to create a timepiece that will endure the elements. The 43mm face incorporates hour, minute and second hands, as well as a date feature.

Each timepiece contains sand from the home of the Australian Intelligence Corps, Canungra QLD in the crown, a feature that is unique to Bausele, so the Australian Intelligence Corps personnel can take a piece of Australia with them wherever they may be. The limited edition timepiece also comes with two interchangeable straps; stainless steel and NATO strap or Kangaroo leather strap are possible options.

The sophisticated elegance of Bausele, which is Australian made and owned, embodies the pride and nationalism of the Australian Intelligence Corps with a cutting edge design and durable finish. The ChronoS timepiece becomes the perfect companion in any situation with features including a countdown indicator, chronograph timer, 200m waterproof and resistance and Superlominova on the 2 layered dial for optimum clarity.

In choosing Bausele to design the limited edition series, Sergeant M said: “timeliness and accuracy are vital to us, and what better way to embrace that than through a unique timepiece. The Australian made, designed and owned Bausele is a perfect way to link our timepiece to the country in which we serve. The subtlety and elegance of the Bausele design is in perfect harmony with the Australian Intelligence Corps and the members within”.

There will be just 50 of the Australian Intelligence Corps limited edition timepieces available exclusively to Australian Intelligence Corps personnel.

This collaboration is part of Bausele’s bespoke program and ongoing commitment to collaborating Australian brand and companies. As well as their main watch collection Bausele develops bespoke unique bespoke and limited edition timepieces for any company or group bearing signature colours and symbols.

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