Bausele Global Watch Adventure

What is the Bausele Global Watch Adventure?

It's the Vintage 2.0 taking on the world with hand picked guides taking us around their small part of their home towns and the places they love, counting their steps with their trusty Vintage 2.0 on their wrist. We decided that although a global pandemic has limited how far and wide we can travel, we concluded nothing should stop the watch from going on a global adventure, even if it's not so easy for us.

The Vintage 2.0 is designed with additional features for travel such as the world timer, step counter, adjustable straps depending on your activities or style preferences, as well as a sleep tracker to help you ensure you are getting enough shut-eye to power through your next exciting day! Although we cannot travel like we used to, we are not letting these features go to waste. 

The Bausele Global Watch Adventure commenced from September 2020 and is still going strong. See some images from our impressive Bausele Guides below:

The Vintage 2.0 VH with rose gold plated bracelet in Florida, The United States

Marko Pudina wearing the Vintage 2.0 HT in Bremen, Germany

Each participant can personalise the watch with their own choice of band, whether that be leather or stainless steel. The Bausele app connected to the watch counts your steps so it will track just how far you have travelled, and the world clock will ensure the time will change automatically to local time wherever it is. 

Come along for the adventure and maybe discover some places you want to add onto your bucket list! We are excited for this exploration and to have you a part of it!

Want to be the next Bausele Guide? Express your interest via

Follow us on instagram at @bausele to keep up to date with where the Vintage 2.0 travels next! And follow the journey via the hashtag #bauseleglobalwatchadventure 

Haley Gorham wearing the Vintage 2.0 XB in California, The United States 

Mark Frost wearing the Vintage 2.0 VH in London, United Kingdom

Guidelines for our #Bauseleguides

1.PLEASE SEND PICS VIA INSTAGRAM to  Include all locations so we can accurately tag them!


  1. Please post and tag @bausele #bausele #bauseleglobalwatchadventure #bauseleguides as well as each tagging LOCATION


  1. Please Send short notes and tips on each place visited via Point form is fine.  We will edit and ask questions if we need.


  1. Tell all your friends and family to follow us and you and the #bauselewatchadventure!


  1. Please take note of the number of steps the watch has recorded while it has been with you. We will keep a tally of this global adventure!
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