Customer Unboxing of The Oceanmoon IV

The Oceanmoon IV is the fourth rendition in the Bausele Oceanmoon watch series and is a premium automatic diving watch. The Oceanmoon IV has undergone a decade of redesign and refining to now be unveiled as our most impressive edition to date, in perfect timing for our 10 year anniversary. Christo Hoppe added enhanced diving features which ensure its versatility and makes it the perfect choice for any active lifestyle. The Swiss Automatic movement combined with strong Australian DNA is the perfect combination for ease of mind anywhere you want to take it. Also making a great timepiece to keep as a keepsake or family heirloom. The Oceanmoon IV comes in 7 colours, with dials in white, blue, green, silver, black, red/black and light blue. Not only being an impressive timepiece, the packaging is equally as eye-catching as you can see from these videos customers, Bruno and Stephane, sent us opening their Oceanmoon IV’s for the first time!


A little more about the packaging design 

When The Oceanmoon IV isn’t on your lucky wrist it needs a beautiful and functional custom packaging to protect it. The team at By Ninja helped us design the packaging, a key element being designing the packaging around the face of the watch, to look like a dial in an aircraft control panel. 

The sleeve that the packaging box slides over the top of features an image of a wearer of the Oceanmoon IV bathed in the morning sunlight. This bright light signifying the start of a new day, against the backdrop of the ocean, ties in elements of the Australian lifestyle that are also close to The Founder, Christo’s heart. As he starts every day in the ocean swimming and watching the first rays of sunlight come through the clouds. This image encapsulates what The Oceanmoon IV is about -fun, freedom, adventure and authenticity. The colour white was chosen for the box itself as it mimics the bright, alive feeling evoked from the image at the front. 

We are very proud to say all of the packaging was designed and manufactured in Australia. Rigorous testing was undergone to ensure the boxes were transport ready and the watches would be supported adequately. 

The unboxing experience was carefully thought out and that's why you’ll find intricate details like pull tabs and semi circle cut-aways! In collaboration with By Ninja we created an intuitive unboxing experience to ensure every customer goes on the exact journey we constructed. Additionally, the entire package is glue free, (excluding the sleeve and outer wrap). Which is a big achievement!

There's only 100 of each colour timepiece, besides the Paxton edition which only has 50 available and the AWF light blue model which only has 40 available. 

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