Classic Hornet fleet leader F/A-18A 21-001

A21-001 is the first Classic Hornet to be built in Australia and at retirement claimed the highest accrued airframe operating hours of all F/A-18A/Bs. A small number of collectors will keep a piece of this fighter forever.


F18 A21-001


The airframe was one of 57 fighter variants manufactured and delivered from the Australian FA-18 production line at Government Aircraft Factories (GAF) in Avalon, Victoria. It was one of 14 aircraft allocated to No 2 Operational Conversional Unit to enable the commencement of Hornet instructor training.


bausele f18


Bausele's Christophe Hoppe and Arron Coote were honoured to collect panel pieces of this Classic Hornet at RAAF Base Richmond after they were sent from RAAF Base Williamtown. Become one of 200 collectors to own a piece of aviation history and keep a piece A21-001 in your pocket.


Manufacturer: Boeing (originally McDonnell Douglas)
MFR Construction Number: AF‐01 (Block 14)
Operating Wing and Squadrons: 81 Wing, 3SQN, 75SQN, 77SQN, 2OCU and 481SQN / 81WG CWKS (Maintenance)
 Entered RAAF Service: 25 November 1985
Retired: 8 July 2020
Flying Hours: 6181.8 AFHRS

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