MONOCHROME - Introducing Bausele MIL-SPEC, The Military Watches From Australia

Founded in 2011, Bausele always had “defense genes” in its DNA, manufacturing watches for the Australian Intelligence Corps and the Special Operations Engineers Regiment. Affected by the difficulties faced by U.S. army veterans, Aaron Coote, CEO of this Australian brand had the idea of a “mil-spec” watch to raise funds for military veterans. Not only 10% of each sale is donated to a veteran association but veterans were involved in the design process of the watches that are ultimately assembled by veterans in the U.S. (thanks to Ron and Emily Stroll from who employ veterans).

The MIL-SPEC project started with the idea of creating a watch that would benefit veteran soldiers, but not just in the sense of a percentage set aside for charity but as a concrete and enduring initiative with an active role for veterans. To design the watch, we were able to bring together a remarkable collection of talent with the most diverse backgrounds. It’s been an amazing journey and we’re all quite proud of the result,” says Arron Coote, the CEO of Bausele.

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