Monochrome’s Article: Introducing Field and Dive Watches from Australia

Monochrome Watches, a respected online publication dedicated to the world of horology, has recently featured Bausele's Mil-Spec military watches, highlighting our field and dive watch collections. As an Australian watch brand with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we're excited to share the details of this feature and showcase our exceptional field and dive watches.

Field Watch: Bausele's Classic Field Series

The Classic Field Series, featured in Monochrome Watches, exemplifies Bausele's dedication to creating high-quality field watches that are both stylish and functional. Designed to endure the rigors of outdoor use, these watches boast features such as water resistance up to 100 meters, sapphire crystal faces, and Swiss-made movements.

bausele field watch classic field series

Drawing inspiration from American rich military history and rugged landscapes, the Classic Field Series watches embody the spirit of adventure and resilience. With their robust design and reliable performance, these field watches are the perfect companions for outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel alike.

Dive Watch: The Sydney Diver

Bausele's Sydney Diver, also showcased in the Monochrome Watches feature, stands out as an exceptional dive watch that combines innovative design with outstanding performance. Designed specifically for diving enthusiasts, this watch offers a water resistance rating of up to 300 meters, ensuring reliable performance during underwater adventures.

bausele dive watch sydney diver

The Sydney Diver features a unidirectional rotating bezel, a crucial element for measuring elapsed time while diving. Its high-contrast dial and luminous hands and markers ensure optimal legibility even in low-light conditions. With its combination of durability, precision, and style, the Sydney Diver is the ultimate companion for diving enthusiasts.

Unique Australian Design : The Jewel in the Crown

Monochrome Watches highlight Bausele's commitment to incorporating unique elements in our field and dive watches. With the use of American military forts soil in the crown, our timepieces reflect the essence of the US army spirit.

Our focus on Australian design allows us to create watches that not only perform exceptionally well but also capture the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide. As a result, Bausele's field and dive watches stand out in the world of military watches, becoming sought-after timepieces for collectors and adventurers alike.

us military march watches made by veterans

Supporting Military Veterans and Charitable Causes

The Monochrome Watches feature also emphasizes Bausele's commitment to supporting military veterans. Our Mil-Spec watches are assembled by military veterans, providing them with meaningful employment and a sense of purpose after their service. 

Furthermore, we donate 10% of the revenue from our Mil-Spec watches to veterans' support organizations, showcasing our dedication to giving back to the military community.

swiss quality australian craftsmanship military watch


Bausele's Mil-Spec field and dive watches, as featured on Monochrome Watches, showcase our dedication to designing and manufacturing high-quality timepieces that cater to military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and watch collectors alike. 

With innovative features, exceptional durability, and a strong connection to America's unique landscapes and military history, our field and dive watches are truly standout pieces in the world of military-inspired timepieces.

We invite you to explore our Classic Field Series and The Sydney Diver watches on our website ! Experience the perfect blend of Australian design and Swiss craftsmanship assembled by us army veterans.

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