"Oceanmoon"- How it was named

When we launched the Bausele brand back in 2011, the first model to come out had to be a quintessential "Australian" model.

A watch you could wear in the ocean and go to a business meeting with and still look good.

So when I moved to Australia, I'd always say I've never seen the moon so large before, If someone knows why the moon is large in Australia, please reach out as I still wonder why!

Like all good ideas, everything needs a name, it came one night when a couple of drinks were involved during dinner with my wife, Alex, Kristina, and Tim, our lifelong friends.

We were all trying to think of a name when Tim came up with OCEANMOON, and BOOM I knew that was it, and has been for 10 long years even after 4 different models, thank you, Tim:

I knew the name fit the Australian coastal lifestyle. The first model needed to be water resistant and had to have a solid build, so it was durable to explore Australia and could be taken on adventures. 

We designed two straps that can be easily interchanged, one rubber for the ocean and the other in leather for more serious occasions.

The classic tool watch inspired the first design back in 2012. I designed the OceanMoon II in 2016 and then in 2019 the BIG but beautiful OceanMoon III and its 45mm case!

The OceanMoon IV was born in 2021 and is by far my best design to date:) It benefits from 10 years of research and development.

Every detail has been perfected and I can say I am 100% happy with this design which we will keep now going forward for many years.


 It comes with a strap made from recycled plastic called PET collected in the ocean by a Swiss company (funny as the country has no border with any ocean:) and a beautiful sunray dial that reveals its beauty in the sunlight.

The back of the casing shows the Ocean and Moon in 3D meeting as a compliment to the name. This watch is about capturing more than Australia but also the lifestyle which encapsulates early summer days on the water anywhere in the world, whether it be Greece, Corsica, French Riviera, California, Sardinia, or Australia.

The Oceanmoon represents the feeling of friends enjoying the sunrise or sunset, and happiness on holidays. We tried to capture elements of this lifestyle.


Christophe Hoppé | Founder & Designer


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