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During isolation most of my time has consisted of work, reading and trying out the new vintage 2.0 smartwatch to track my activity, number of steps and calories burned. 


We binge watched Succession. A very funny, satirical drama series about a dysfunctional billionaire family who own a global media empire. The patriarch's health is uncertain and his children are all secretly vying for control of the family business. Very well written and filled with many incredible one liners. Available on Hulu, HBO & Amazon Prime.

Bausele Succession

I also find myself watching a lot of youtube videos of jiu jitsu world championships and tutorials. I miss jiu jitsu bad, and cannot wait to get back to training. I'm hoping to compete in the World Master later in the year, if the world is back to normal by then. I love competing! It makes me SO nervous, and the biggest fight is against myself, trying to stay calm enough under pressure to be able to do my job properly. Just like business :)

Bausele JuJitsu


As the name suggests it's about finding out what matters most to you, then getting very good at that. It's a business book, but the simple principles in it, translate to everyday life. Processes that can help us build a better business can also help us build a better life. I don't have all the answers and i'm certainly not a fan of staying at home 24/7, but getting clear on the things that matter most to me and focusing on them brings a sense of peace.

Bausele Be the best at what matters most

My all time favourite book though, is one I read at school. I connected with it so much that I have kept that exact copy, for over 30 years now. I think it was a defining book in my life that taught me gratitude. It's an Australian autobiography called "A Fortunate Life" by A.B. Facey. It documents the authors life of extraordinary hardship, loss, friendship and love. When asked in an interview, where the name of the book originated. He replied, "I called it 'A Fortunate Life' because I truly believe that is what I had".


Bausele zoom call Arron

To be honest, for the first few weeks I found myself scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and Instagram, commenting on things and chatting to friends. I did love how creative the boredom had made people and laughed a lot at some of the stupid isolation videos people created. It's now 5 or 6 weeks into isolation and I have been spending a lot less time on social media. I FaceTime with my family often, with my nieces and nephews back in Australia. I have been joining in on group zoom calls with friends and with my teammates from jiu jitsu. You can host Zoom video calls on the link above for free. After 45 minutes I think you have to subscribe and pay. 

The Bausele team are also working together on Google Hangouts, above is a picture of some of us. Always a good laugh with these guys. I feel lucky to have such a talented, supportive and easy team to work with.


Bausele Arron running

My jiu jitsu school is closed, so I have been doing a lot walking and running. Some days I take the dogs for a hike (see photo above). I'm lucky enough to be testing the Vintage 2.0 prototype smartwatch, which I have been using to track my activity, number of steps and calories burned. In doing so, this has made me more competitive with myself and has pushed my distance further over time. 

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