Remy-Woodcock Furniture in Bausele Showroom

What is Remy Woodcock?

Remy Woodcock specializes in high-end residential and commercial furniture for all types of interior design.Their products are focused around answering the needs of modern interiors and their commitment to more flexibility, well-being and collaboration. Based in Sydney and created by designer Gregory Remy in 2017, Remy-Woodcock leverages on his international experience working on the European market and international projects. Remy-Woodcock manufactures locally, in order to provide the best quality within the best lead time to local projects and clients.

 Idea for the new space, Inspiration & reason behind the collaboration? 

The Bausele store is a showroom for Remy Woodcock’s Bastien and Grid Collection. The collaboration of Bausele and Remy-Woodcock came to fruition as the brands share a lot of the same values, being quality, design integrity and what the Australian lifestyle represents. Both brands have a strong identity in the marketplace, pose high-end products that are of quality and also customisable. Remy Woodcock’s furniture is made to order, locally made and locally designed. They have transitioned to focusing heavily on the integration of plants with furniture. Plants are proven to enhance air quality inside and studies have shown the benefit of plants in interior spaces on your mental health. Remy-Woodcock aspires to achieve the Australian way of living, fusing the interior and the exterior as one, showcasing creative ways of how you bring elements of the exterior environment within. Bausele does this as well, by featuring sand from well-known Australian beaches in the crown of our watches to signify encapsulating a piece of nature, of the country you love in your timepiece. Also by featuring the colours of nature in our watches. 

 I strongly believe in the importance of like minded companies to come together to provide a more unique and exclusive experience to their clients. Allowing for a wider offering in the same space while being complementary. In this particular scenario, Bausele and Remy-Woodcock, while being from different industries, share a lot of common aspects. In design integrity, quality of product and service and more so in our aspiration to provide unique products which reflects Australian lifestyle.”- Gregory Remy, Remy-Woodcock

In the Bausele store, Remy-Woodcock wanted to display the watches in an original, more unconventional than traditional way. A display that was more open, more welcoming to our customers coming to visit the store and wanting to try on the watches. We wanted a space that would encourage them to interact with the product. Greg put a console in the center of the space, to allow a table to try on and view the watches. To have a more intimate sharing and interactive face to face exchange rather than standing next to or in front of the shelf. Greg paid attention to the function of the pieces and the flow of the room, making the most of the limited space. Christo had one request- a space that looked “bigger, open and had more light” and Greg certainly delivered. He thoughtfully incorporated light, natural colours that reflect more light and are appealing to the eye. Ultimately the goal was for the client to have an experience when they enter the Bausele store and have a feel for the product. 

Christo and Gregory have known one another for a few years and as designers/entrepreneurs and always had a strong connection around their respective work and always wanted to collaborate. After discussing ways they could work together over the years, the showroom came as a natural progression for them to partner up and show their respective work in the best light.

Both were on the same page from our initial conversation about the intention we wanted to give the showroom and the user experience.The furniture opens the space, brings in more light and the vegetation allows for a more involved and collaborative user experience. All these points are very much in line with both brands and their Australian roots. Gregory started his business, Remy Woodcock 3 years ago and has been venturing strength to strength ever since. 

Greg’s journey as an entrepreneur:

“As of a young age I always wanted to create my own company and work for myself.

I believe this to be even more important as a creative. As having your own company gives you complete freedom.Throughout my studies I went through various ideas of what kind of business I wanted to create within the design industry and more specifically furniture and lighting. It became clearer as I was finishing my studies that creating my own furniture brand with the idea in the long run to also have other designers create pieces for us, was the way to go. As I finished my studies and was looking into creating my own business, it appeared quite clearly that it wasn't the right time to create a furniture brand as Europe's economy was still suffering from the GFC. I therefore shelved my project and worked as product and business development manager for the industry.This until a few years later, here I was in Australia, and the environment was the correct one. And here we are now with Remy-Woodcock. Remy is my surname and Woodcock is my mother's maiden name.”

The new Remy Woodcock collection and the inspiration behind it?

Greg describes his natural design style as being rigid, with strict geometry and precise dimensions. Years ago his design teacher pushed him to incorporate more curves, free designs in his work which didn’t come naturally to him. Then working with French designer Stephanie Marin/Smarin showed him the importance of curves found in nature and how to translate that into your design process. Greg credits that working with her as a product and business developer brought out a more organic approach in his designs. (Greg’s design process transitions very quickly from sketches to computer drawings). The Bastien collection finds its origin in an old sketch from 2011 of the sofa. Which recently reignited a creative streak in him and this led to the development of the new collection. He is now creating shelves, planters and growing the ceiling range, including privacy seating, screens, ottomans and tables.   

Remy Woodcock's new Bastien collection is being released at the end of August 2021. 

You can read about the new collection here:

A new addition to the Grid range, the Grid Island Console and the Grid Island Table will also be launched at the same time.

To learn more about these quality products see the below links:

- Grid Island Console:

- Grid Island Table:

The furniture featured in The Bausele Showroom? 

The furniture featured in the Bausele store come from The Bastien and the Grid Collection. These include: 

The Grid shelf and console - which can be made at the exact size you want. Was designed so it could be customised without compromising on price. Pricing of custom variants will only be more or less expenses based on the incremental use of raw materials. Therefore maintaining standard pricing throughout the customisation capability of the product. 

The Bastien Lounge Chair:

The Bastien Coffee Table:

Grid Console:
Grid Shelf:

If you would like to take a look at Gregory’s work please visit their website:



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