Bausele X Jim & Shaun from Sailing Australia

Bausele is a proud sponsor of Australian Sailing squad members, Jim Colley and Shaun Connor and recently had the chance to speak with the two sailors. These sailors have been using the innovative technological capabilities of our Vintage 2.0 hybrid smartwatch for sleeping tracking and activity monitoring to reach their athletic targets. Jim’s passion for his work is evident, as he describes sailing as “...a sport where 100 tiny details come together to form a perfect balance between wind, water and sailors. Every day we train with the goal of achieving mastery, working for hours on specific movements, communication, decision making, strength and endurance.” 
In order to achieve this mastery of performance, tracking wellbeing metrics has been crucial for the team and this has been assisted by the advanced technologies in the Vintage 2.0. According to Jim, “...wearing the Vintage 2.0 has been a revelation for sleep tracking. Getting enough quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of being an athlete, and the Vintage 2.0 has been able to track our sleep hours every night, and can differentiate between light and deep sleep cycles. I automatically upload this data along with our wellbeing metrics onto the AIS endorsed training database we use to track our training loads.” The Vintage 2.0 application available on iOS and android, is able to transfer the data from the Bausele app into the team’s training database, providing convenience as all their metrics are recorded in one place. 
Shaun describes the difficulties the team has faced within recent years and how, “...since March 2019 we have been restricted to training and racing domestically, which has provided some incredible challenges for us to overcome. With the majority of our competitors continuing racing in Europe, we have had to become completely intrinsically motivated, where we measure ourselves and our progress not against our competitors but against our own perception of perfection – a perception that is always re-evaluated as we discover what’s possible. We approach training with the goal of self improvement, pushing the boundaries and most importantly learning from our mistakes.” In 2020, the team travelled between Lake Macquarie, Mooloolabah, Brisbane and Middle Harbour in pursuit of the most challenging conditions to test their racing performance. 
“We are unbelievably grateful to be partnered with Bausele during our journey towards the Paris 2024 Olympics. A unique Australian company, Bausele shares our values of mastery, attention to detail and thinking outside the norm.” -Jim, Australian Sailing Squad
The team’s goals for 2021 and beyond include travelling to Japan as training partners for the Olympic representatives, before peaking for the final event of the year- the worlds in Oman. According to Jim, “this event will be the best opportunity to qualify for the highest level of AST funding going into 2022, and cement ourselves at the front of the fleet going into the 2024 quad and the lead up to Paris.” And the team will have the Vintage 2.0 to keep them on track. 
If you would like to keep up to date with Jim & Shaun’s sailing milestones you can follow them via the following socials:
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