The Australian Intelligence Corp Watch

The AIC timepiece is a customised limited edition exclusive to the Australian Army Intelligence (AUSTINT) Corps. AUSTINT Corps “provides dedicated intelligence assessment and support to Army and Joint commanders. Executes command of specialist intelligence and all-source teams to produce intelligence and counterintelligence. Delivers psychological operations and provides intelligence skills to Army, Joint, Interagency partners and foreign nations to enable decision superiority, narrative development and capacity building.“ 


 The Australian Intelligence Corps was formed 6 December 1907 and is one of the oldest Commonwealth Intelligence Corps. Bausele is honoured to partner with the Army Corps Australia (AIC)  through two editions of this watch. Providing an amazing deal for the AIC is a gesture of thanks for the work that they provide. The first run of the watch was 50 pieces all individually numbered. According to Captain Mathew, “the watch itself contains the tudor rose on the face – the logo of Army Intelligence Units, that originates from Great Britain in the era of Mary Queen of Scotts and Sir Francis Wallsingham. The Tudor Rose symbolises security, confidentiality and trustworthiness. It was used in the Cromwellian era and was displayed when secret matters were being discussed.The crown of the watch contains sand from Canungra – the home of our School of Intelligence. Green is also the AUTSINT Colour and we incorporated that in our hand.” 


The AIC watch recognises shared commitment and unity of purpose. For the Australian Intelligence Corps, there is a deep and meaningful bond connecting every single individual who is a part of this organisation, and an important set of values and goals. Bausele’s bespoke AIC watches offer a timepiece to suit the needs of those involved in the Corps, with subtle design detailing to signify the nature of this special timepiece without being overtly identifying. A functional accessory in the field, and a treasured item long after active duty has been fulfilled. 

The watch became a reality through a discussion amongst Army Intelligence Corps colleagues, as a way to generate some esprit de corps through an object of some sort. Objects including pens and watches were considered. Captain Mathew, an Intelligence Officer from the Australian Intelligence Corps talks about this process, “I noted that the UK Intelligence Corps have a Corps watch, as do a number of other Military units. I then started searching how we could help develop a watch and wanted to find something Australian and affordable...I found Bausele on the web and contacted Christo to ask what was possible. The rest is history really!”

Unfortunately the AIC watches are only exclusively available to AUSTINT Corps personnel.

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