The Bausele Blue

From the untamed beauty of the outback to the iconic style of the Opera House. Time spent anywhere in Australia is unforgettable. Bausele is a brand that captures this luxurious experience in a range of beautifully designed top of the range products each with its unique way of showcasing this amazing country. Every Bausele watch contains a little piece of Australia in the crown, sand from Bondi Beach, Earth from the red center, crushed opal from Coober Pedy and more. So wherever your travels take you, you will always have a little piece of Australia with you. The watch crown on a Bausele timepiece is totally unique to the brand, as a feature of an internationally acclaimed range of luxury watches that are only made from the highest quality material. Bausele’s relentless pursuit of excellence has helped the brand forge many priceless partnerships including the iconic Sydney Opera House. Bausele designed a watch with ground up tiles from the building sales, sealed and on display in their beautiful watch crown. Bausele has also created bespoke designs in collaboration with artist Scott Marsh and Luxury wine Group St Hugo wines. Bausele is also the official watch for the Royal Australian Air Force for this year, the year of the RAAF’s Centenary. Then there's Bausele’s joint venture with Flinders University, together we have created a patent-pending material that they use in their beautiful timepieces. Bausele watches are also gaining global recognition via our brand ambassador, Australian actor Dominic Purcell. The vision for Bausele is to become one of the world’s most recognizable Australian designed watch luxury brands. And in order to take the brand to the next level it only seems fitting it has its own recognizable signature blue colour. 

You may have noticed Bausele Australia’s socials have been taken over by a beautiful blue hue. Bausele’s new signature blue colour was inspired by Toby Lord’s photography, in particular the above image of the Australian girl in the middle of the ocean with her surfboard, going out into the unknown open water. It captures the ocean, blue of the sky, encapsulates Australia and the adventurous spirit of Bausele. Christo Hoppe went on an adventure to become the Founder of Bausele, he moved from his hometown in Alsace, France to live in Sydney, Australia, a unique country that has so much to offer. This image and colour signifies pushing boundaries and going outside your comfort zone in the pursuit of self development. Having a very Australian way of thinking, that anything is possible. Bausele allows you to explore your daring side and exude confidence you can be unique and wear a Bausele. Allowing you to stand out from the crowd. You are confident with yourself you don’t need to show off with the most expensive watch, you are not competing with others only yourself. You can be your own trendsetter and don’t feel fulfillment from the validation of other people.

The watch reflects all the cultures and nationalities that make Australia, combined with its understated beauty. The Bausele watch combines Christo’s French heritage, Swiss manufacturing and Australian design, to develop a multicultural watch to represent a multicultural country.  Everytime you wear a Bausele you feel like you are part of the Australian culture. It's an extension of yourself, your personality and who you aspire to be, not just an accessory. It's more than a watch, it's a feeling, a lifestyle. Whoever you are, wherever you are from this pursuit for adventure and freedom is what connects us. And we need that connection with nature and with our adventurous spirit. 

We took our time in choosing the right colour to represent the brand the feeling we wanted it to evoke. We considered a deep red earth colour as it ties in with the natural earth tones of the land and a landmark, Uluru. However we felt this fixated on one dimension of Australia and not all the interconnecting facets. We wanted to evoke a feeling while wearing the watch. Once we saw Toby Lord’s photograph titled ‘The Big Blue,’ we knew we had found the colour that would represent the adventurous spirit and empowerment associated with the brand. Toby Lord describes this work ‘The Big Blue’ as evoking the feeling of “when there’s nobody around, it feels as if the ocean and sky are yours for a moment. That’s because they are…” 



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