The Inspiration behind The Watchfest Pax Limited Edition Watch

The Bausele X WatchFest is one of a kind.

WatchFest is a celebration of watches, horology and time in Australia.  We set out to create a watch conference to bring together enthusiasts and introduce watch collecting to newcomers. There is a great community of watch enthusiasts here in Australia and WatchFest aims to stoke this passion and share it with others. 

WatchFest brings a better understanding and appreciation for watchmaking.  With this, one is more aware and appreciative of Australian and international watchmakers and empowered to make informed decisions and find that holy grail watch.

Watcfest Pax watch all started when Paxton Wong, Watchfest’s creator, visited the Bausele boutique store in The Rocks. Paxton and Bausele’s watchmaker Christophe Hoppe bonded over their great passion for watches, watchmaking and Australia’s unique environment. 

Paxton loves Australia and is proud to have created a watch that celebrates this fact, he says. “When I travel I am always happy when I jump on a Qantas flight home and hear "Still Call Australia Home” by the great Peter Allen. It is a feeling. 

“I spoke to Christophe about a WatchFest piece to bring the Aussie watch enthusiasts and family together.  He was instantly onto the project to capture this feeling of Australia.  We had discussed with other enthusiasts and we were not just after another green and gold themed watch.”


Paxton Watchfest Oceanmoon

Paxton and Christophe wanted to create an automatic, waterproof Australian watch that is eye-catching and iconic. Hence the creation of the sunray red and black dial, undeniably striking and the red center was inspired by Uluru (Ayers Rock). They were inspired by it being the largest rock in the world and its red colour.  

According to Paxton, Uluru represents “the strength of the outback, the origins, the connection with First Nations peoples. I felt it had a great symbolism for Australia.  It also stands through time and history. The dial changes its look during the day when it captures the sunlight.” 

The automatic timepiece features red earth from Australia’s timeless deserts embedded within the watch crown, allowing wearers to literally take a piece of Australia with them wherever they go.  

When Christophe had his first design of The Paxton Watchfest timepiece he was on the verge of releasing his Oceanmoon VI design as well and Paxton is also proud of this piece. “The Bausele WatchFest is very much an instant love for many watch enthusiasts.  Around the world too!  Bausele watches speak for themselves. They each have a story, not just the WatchFest.  Details, like sand from the Kimberly region (2000km from Uluru)  in the hollow display crown of the WatchFest make the timepiece all the more intriguing.” 

Crown Uluru Watchfest Paxton Bausele

“I was told by an owner just yesterday that a stranger complimented the Bausele X WatchFest on his wrist.  It is a striking unique piece.  We appreciate a watch of solid construction. I can also report it has inspired owners to do more when wearing one,” Paxton shared. 

“Many have said they will do an ocean swim as the model is Oceanmoon and you can visit the beach even during lockdowns. Perhaps we can do an open water swim with Christophe once the time comes. That's the feeling of wearing a good watch.  It inspires. It is a feeling. Calling Australia Home is just a great feeling.”

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