Toby Lord “Finding Space” Exhibition

On Thursday the 3rd of June, Tobias Lord, an avid Sydney-based French photographer showcased his pieces at his Exhibition hosted by Bausele at their boutique store. The private opening night of the show saw a hundred close friends and Bausele VIP’s celebrate some stunning photography and a message of positivity. Toby’s works really capture the spirit of Australia, showcasing beautiful natural landscapes such as the ocean and outdoors synonymous with the brand. As well as capturing the nature of the brand, being fun, adventurous, driven and making the most of every situation thrown at you. Whether that be a covid lockdown or a massive 1.5 ft wave crashing down on you whilst swimming in the ocean. In fact the blue hue in one of his ocean images inspired the rebrand of Bausele’s logo and Instagram to reflect this new shade. Bausele loves supporting Australian artists, supporting other local Australians and giving back is part of our ethos and we enjoyed having Toby showcase his works. 

Tobias Lord describes the ‘Finding Space’ exhibition as “portraying solitude in a positive light, as opposed to loneliness and negativity that has emerged from the isolation months. I lean into my love of the ocean and the exhilarating power of nature to convey presence, balance and mental strength in the men and women I meet at dawn in the water.” 


Toby’s passion for his work is clear as he’s “...always loved photography, the gift of a meaningful photograph, people’s reactions to a scene, it transports you, the viewer….At a time when mental health is already on the front pages of media, [Toby] think[s] its important to remind people to slow down and to make the time to find themselves, and nature can really help with that.” This message is needed now more than ever, as we face ourselves in another lockdown which can negatively impact our mental health. 


As mentioned, featuring this artist and his work in our store is very timely, especially amid the recurrence of another Sydney lockdown. Toby allows us to reflect again, like we did last lockdown on the difference between solitude and loneliness and finding peace within yourself. In Toby’s words, “...solitude and loneliness are two very different ones. You lean into one for strength and peace, the other is far more destructive.” Toby describes solitude as “an exhilarating moment in which you are uber-present.”

Tobias wants to share the message of his pieces as far as possible but he also knows people want unique artworks in their homes. So he decided there would only be a limited quantity of 10 signed pieces of each in the world. 


Toby is donating 50% of profits to the following charities: ONEWAVE, The Schwartz Foundation and Print 4 Print. ONEWAVE is a charity centered on mental health through the ocean. The Schwartz Foundation helps provide medicine for children. Print 4 Print is a mental health charity that assists mental health through photography and colour. 


If you would like to support these charities further or check out their website pages see below:


the Schwartz Foundation -

Print 4 Print - Mental Health through photography and colour

Stay safe during this lockdown Sydney-siders! And be sure to come visit our store 75 George St The Rocks NSW 2000 Australia, once we reopen to take a look at some amazing artworks and equally impressive timepieces!

Hurry there are only 10 of each piece you can purchase here at his website:

Thank you Sydney Brewery, Campari, Jacobs Sparkling Wine and Jacobs Creek Wine for sponsoring the event and providing beverages on the night. 

Thank you Toby for your amazing works and featuring them in our store. We will be aiming to feature a new local artist every month (dependent on covid restrictions at the time). 

Toby Lord specialises in product photography, landscape photography, nature photography and candid photography.

If you are interested in having your artwork featured in the Bausele store please enquire via and send us some of your work!

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