AR Try-on Bausele's Oceanmoon IV

Here at Bausele we have an exciting announcement to share. You can now try on our watches virtually! 

Yes, you can try on the Oceanmoon IV watches virtually in the comfort of your own home!

Here are the steps:

1.First download the template here 

2.Download AR-watches app on your smartphone. Available on Google Play and the App store

3.Print the wrist marker and put around your wrist sticking the ends with glue.

4.Hover your phone over the black square marker (with the AR Watches logo).

5.Discover how The Oceanmoon IV looks in 3D. Almost like wearing the real thing!


Here is our Founder, Christo Hoppe giving you a firsthand view on how to use the app!

If you have any questions after virtually trying on, please reach out to our team via