Carbon Neutral: Bausele X Habitat Sanctuaries

Here is Matt Manson from HSO and Christo from Bausele talking about the 1 billion trees initiative: 

Habitat Sanctuaries is a non for profit environmental conservation organisation which protects endangered species (such as the Koala) from extinction, through habitat replanting, food, tree and vegetation planting. Habitat Sanctuaries purchase land to create Sanctuaries that are free from political footballing and real carbon capture or sequester. The Habitat Sanctuaries mission is simple: to protect native and endangered wildlife and preserve biodiversity through the purchase of land as habitat sanctuaries. 

Currently the social enterprise has achieved:
  • 17,000 trees seeded
  • 17,000 animals in their care
  • 411 secured hectares in NSW

History of Habitat Sanctuaries 

The people who make up Habitat Sanctuaries are passionate about conserving wildlife and this passion stemmed when they realised national parks are declining rapidly in number and size and that gas fracking, mining and development will continue to reduce protected habitat for endangered species. In 2011 Habitat Sanctuaries decided to create more, protect more through sanctuaries creations for long term protection of Koalas and other native wildlife. In the process reversing the impact of climate change.

Every product you see with the below "stamp" logo is an Official Certification from Habitat Sanctuaries, as contributing to the 1 billion trees carbon offset initiative. 

For more information and to get involved contact Habitat Sanctuaries at: 

Visit their website here to learn more. 

 Habitat Sanctuaries Certified Carbon Offset Product