Watch with sound

How to change the time?

When the watch stops, wind the mainspring manually before setting the time. To unlock the crown rotate the crown at 4H counterclockwise until it releases from the case. If you have a date window, pull the crown out once to change the date, turn the crown to flick through the dates and press in the crown once at the right date number. Pull the crown out twice completely to change the time.

How to lock the crown back on the case?

To lock the crown, with gentle pressure towards the case, rotate the crown clockwise to secure it to the case. Be gentle with screwing back in and shake the watch horizontally to give it a charge. Make sure the crown is pressed in to ensure water resistance.

Automatic Watch

This is an automatic winding mechanical watch, using a mainspring as power source. When wearing the watch, your hand’s movement rotates the oscillating weight to wind the mainspring automatically. Once the mainspring is wound fully, the watch will run for about 40 hours. Please note as this watch is an automatic it requires to be worn consistently, with the wearer being active to ensure it charges up. If you do not consistently wear it and move whilst wearing it the hands will stop moving. If you are not very active please ensure you give the watch a horizontal shake every few hours.