US Army

After beating out some of the biggest watch names in the world to become the official watch of the Royal Australian Airforce 100th Anniversary in 2021, Bausele was the official watch of the Invictus Games The Hague 2022, the adaptive games that supports injured, sick and wounded military servicemen and women rehabilitate through sport. On returning from the Invictus Games to his home in Los Angeles, CEO Arron Coote wanted to do more to help the incredible people he had just spent five days with and decided to create an affiliate program that could help ALL veteran charities and organisations in the United States generate revenue through the sales of the Bausele US Army military spec watches. Bausele’s CEO is a passionate mental health campaigner, who lives in Los Angeles.

When he first moved to the US he was taken aback by the number of homeless on the streets. He was deeply affected by the number of veterans living in makeshift tents on the streets around the Veterans Affairs building. Over the last several years Arron had developed a friendship with a US Army veteran, Jamal Ali. The two had discussed many times the difficulties faced by veterans when transitioning back into society after the military as well as the effects of PTSD on this assimilation.

They found through shared stories and experiences that they had a lot in common around trauma and how it affected their lives. Arron pitched his idea to the US Army licensing department. Expecting the likelihood of ever getting a response was very small, to his surprise the next morning he had a reply saying "Dear Mr Coote, while we have never granted a US Army IP licence to a non-US brand, we love your concept and want to find ways to say yes". Eight months later BAUSELE was granted a US Army licence and the design phase began.

The Classic Field series watches were designed by military veterans, are being assembled in the US by military veterans who are also experienced watch makers and a percentage of all sales go towards helping veterans in need. The jewel in the hollow crown of this beautiful piece is some soil from Fort Campbell, the training ground of so many