Terra Australis - Customisation

Customise your very own (time)piece of history.

The Bausele Australiana ingredient in the crown of every Terra Australis is Red Earth from the Kimberley. Incredibly for a premium watch, everyone who buys one can create their own bespoke model, included in the price. 

Over 850 possible colour combinations.

You can select and combine different colour clamps, cases, dials and watch hands to create a truly personalised watch. In fact, there are 850 possible combinations when you include the choice of strap leather colour – from brown, dark brown or black – and stitching – from black, white, blue or red.

Never before has there been a premium watch featuring Australian-made parts.

Take a few seconds to process that.

Until now, ‘Australian’ watches have been made from Chinese materials. And rarely could they be considered ‘premium’. All that has been changed by Bausele. 

Let’s go back in time…

Three years ago, Sydney-based Christophe Hoppe quit his day job to pursue his dream of putting Australian watchmaking on the world stage. His unique designs and tireless work led to a partnership with a team at Adelaide’s Flinders University – now operating together as Australian Advance Manufacturing Pty Ltd – where they created a range of beautifully-crafted watches under the name of Bausele.

Every Bausele watch contains a little piece of Australiana.

This Bausele innovation adds to each watch’s unique appeal. For example, the Pilot Automatic carries a few grains of Bondi Beach sand in its crown, while the OceanMoon has traces of Red Earth from the Kimberley.

These bespoke designs were then built by experts in Switzerland and launched to the global market.

Bausele’s Australian-designed, Swiss-made watches started to create quite a stir, particularly among Aussie ex-pats who loved the idea of not only wearing an amazing watch, but also carrying a little piece of their homeland with them.

A world first. An Australian-made watch.

Thanks to Bausele, Australian watchmaking was well and truly on the world stage – but the elusive Australian-made timepiece was still just a dream. Until now. Christophe’s vision has become a reality. A breath-taking, awe-inspiring and highly-desirable reality.

Introducing Terra Australis.

The first world-class timepiece ever made from parts designed and crafted right here in Australia, Terra Australis is a show stopper. Weighing in at 150g, and available in a number of customisable colour combinations, Terra Australis has to be seen – and held – to be believed

The first thing that grabs your attention about this elegantly masculine watch is the signature five-pronged diamond clasp holding the watch face securely in place. Then the distinctive black crown, which is made of Bauselite, a material specially created and manufactured for Bausele by their partners at the Flinders University Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology.